Monday, May 5, 2008


So you want to be an astrophysicist...

Where was this when I was in high school...?

Not that it says anything more than what I already know.

Science, Math, Science, Math...

My advice? Find a school that offers it, a real one, that won't leave you with some Astronomy Degree you can't get a job with.

And funding, find funding.. its harder than it seems.

I've recently chosen my university for transfer, U of Toronto.

Why the hell would I choose Canada? Its funny, I never imagined myself the type to do this. Never. I suppose we're all "the type" to do everything eventually.

But I do have about 30seconds everyday that I sit frozen, thinking: "What exactly have I chosen for myself?"

Its not to say that this was a quick choice, in fact, the majority of people who know me would say this was the longest decision in the history of time. I'm pretty sure decisions to declare war have been quicker than my decision on transfer university.

But I don't care much how long it took, because it is my life, my education. And my loans. Ah, loans.

Its to be asked, what the hell is wrong with America? People die to be American, live American..and you'd think, from that, that America was so together with things, but we're not.

So I'm going to Canada. Where my insurance is 69 bucks a month instead of 300. Where my international student university bill is 10 grand less than my IN-STATE RESIDENT BILL. (Albeit, no I'm not eligible for grants).

The neuroses of mine still fester. I feel like now that I've decided that there's 105 different questions I should have asked but never thought to, and I hate myself a bit for it. I don't feel prepared for anything and the pressure to prepare would make you think tomorrow I move out.

And they say these are "the best years".



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