Sunday, April 13, 2008

Confusion Blogger Beta theme. I've been working on upgrading the blog template from Classic to XML.

In a word, I hated every minute of it.

New blogger seems to be broken anyway, and after I'd given up on on trying to create my own beta template (what a freaking joke that was - I mean, I know CSS, but the whole wrapper thing is lost on me. And widgets? I didn't like the term when we used it in Calculus, I don't like it now.) I browsed various sites hosting prefab'd templates.

Only, an interesting thing...Blogger failed to load any of them.

I received over 100 bx-blah errors, probably. After about 30, I google'd it and learned its apparently some massive Blogger glitch. It seemed to have something to do with browsers and caches, because a few people were able to upload by either rebooting or clearing their cache.

Not me. I sent it to Nikki and she was able to upload the first time.

An afternoon later, this pink, sakura theme is nearly finished. The base is leeched off a Goldfish layout, that I replaced the images and theme on. Nikki and I decided on something spring-y.

All that's left now is the content.




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