Thursday, April 17, 2008

makeup tips <3

This is my first post
on the new layout that Heidi
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well because I have no life, I was playing with some makeup
and I found that when you want your mascara to show up more
stick white eyeliner on your lashes then stick whatever brand mascara
on your eyes (it seems that it makes
it "pop" more when you wear it...)Image and video hosting by TinyPic

At the same time, I have also found that if you curl your eyelashes
with a normal size eyelash curler (or some curl their eyelashes with a
spoon for a more "natural" curl)
and then wait like 30 seconds and go to curl them with a
corner eyelash curler they seem to be more curled (imo)

However~ you have to do it in sections to get the whole
eye~ but i think its worth it
this is a very similar one that i own~ (by Shu Uemura)
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